So I haven’t posted in a while. Life… you know. So I’ve been struggling with finding light and positivity lately. I had an amazing trip to Puerto Rico, which was full of light, good food, and sunshine. But the anxiety leading up to it and the sluggishness that followed has really bogged me down. I’ve been reading a book called You are a Badass How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. It’s a good easy read that is humorous and thought provoking. Early on in the book there is a chapter about mantras. Honestly mantras were never really my thing. I’m more of a gratitude journal type of girl. But as I kept reading she goes on to talk about all of the negativity in the world that comes to us in so many ways: television, movies, news, magazine, and now even Facebook has horrifying images and videos on it! She talks about how tuning that out and accessing your highest energy is so important for a positive and awesome life. So I went back to the chapter on mantras to read some of her advice and suggestions. The examples didn’t seem to speak to me, a lot of the mantras were too long or not applicable. So I wanted to think of something simple that I can think of when negative energy is taking up too much space in my life. I decided on “love and be loved”. It’s simple enough and reminds me to do everything with love even if I don’t want to. Receiving love is really dependent on giving love. Jen Sincero suggests writing your mantra over and over, saying it out loud, saying to yourself in the mirror, and putting it on post-it notes around your house. What mantras do you use? What speaks to you? Leave a comment below! 


Sunny Saturday 

Today was crazy warm for February! Although global warming is very real, it was nice to enjoy the sunshine. Today Toby and I went to Singing Beach in the north shore. The beach got its name from the sand that “sings” when you walk on it. It sounds like track pants swishing together or squeaky boots, but Squeaky Boots Beach doesn’t sound as good as Singing Beach. Toby has never seen the ocean and I was so excited to bring him; the beach is my favorite place, thus my pet should also have the same level of enthusiasm for it. Luckily there were tons of people there with their dogs. There was a meet up group of pet owners and their dogs and locals with their dogs visiting the beach. Toby loved running around and playing with all of the dogs. There must have been between 40 and 60 dogs at the beach! We ran and played for a few hours and then he finally let me sit and read on my beach blanket and laid down next to me. I wish I could bring him to the beach year round! Hopefully there will be more good weather days before the regular beach season starts so we can run and play some more. Toby is very tired today and is  out cold tonight!

Love yourself: inside and out

Recently I found a book titled Love your Body by Talia Fuhrman. I love reading self help books, especially when it comes to health, mental and physical. This book is a great combination of both! Talia focuses on fueling your body with natural ingredients, surrounding yourself with positive people, and letting go of body hang-ups. I highly recommend this book to people who are looking for a good and easy read about health that has a positive and realistic approach. Within the reading are recipes throughout. After cardio barre class tonight I tried the “Dream it, Believe it, Avocolada Gratitude Smoothie”. It was filling and refreshing, just what I needed after class.


This past December I got a new dog! It was a big decision to make, but I really feel that it was the best decision for myself. When I graduated college I knew I wanted a dog, and when I was living on my own it seemed like the best way to keep myself from feeling lonely. My boyfriend at the time was still in college about two hours away, and I was in a new town 3 hours away from home. So I adopted a 3 year old Schnauzer mix without putting much thought into it. His name was Kasey ad he was so cute! Little did I know he was a biter. He never bit me, but he was aggressive towards my ex-boyfriend, children, and for some reason my ex’s grandmother. When I moved to Boston I knew I couldn’t take him back with me, with his behavior it definitely wouldn’t be safe in the city. I had to make a heart breaking decision to give him up for adoption. I spent about a year with Kasey, he learned so many cool tricks and was a big comfort to me during my breakup. I felt horrible about it, but knew it was for the best.

Flash forward to living in Boston, which was also my first time living in a city. I suddenly became very depressed. The allure of the city wore off, the stress of my new job and the financial responsibilities of living in the city were heavy on my shoulders. Add on top of that the grief that would creep up randomly about my breakup; I was a mess. I wasn’t getting much done at work, I’d cry inconsolably, and I wasn’t living a very healthy lifestyle. I took a few steps towards making sure I was healthy both mentally and physically, but still something was missing.

I started looking into getting a dog again… I was hesitant. I had felt like such a failure for giving up the last dog, what kind of person gives a dog back after a year of adopting him? But I found a craigslist add for a litter of puppies. I knew I’d be taking a risk with craigslist, but I called the woman anyway. She had one puppy left and had another interested family. I asked her to meet me and within two hours I had Toby in the car on our way home!

I was in disbelief… “did I really just buy a dog?!” And for those of who are “adopt don’t shop”, trust me I’m with you! Adoption is just so competitive in Boston, and I didn’t think I’d get anywhere fast with that.

Toby has been a light in my life since he joined me and my roommate! He is entertaining, cuddly, and energetic! He gets me outside multiple times a day, wakes me up early, and motivates me to be healthier which in turn makes me happier.


Group Fitness Class

Recently I signed up for classpass, it’s an app that allows you to sign up for a variety of group fitness classes in a huge number of gyms! I was so excited about this because when I signed up it was 70% off! I paid $37 for 10 classes for one month! That means each class was only $3.70!!! This was a great deal! You can cancel at any time, and the rate without discount is still pretty affordable. The regular cost for 10 classes/ month is $120. So far I’ve taken Glow Yoga, which is a super fun yoga class. If you’re looking to smile and laugh more than you’re looking to be a serious yogi, this is for you! I also took BAGSxBEATS, which I’ll talk about more below.

I’ve been taking a group fitness class in Boston called Kick it by Eliza. This class is AMAZING! It is so inspiring and a great workout! It includes kickboxing, dance, toning and conditioning, and more. Each song is called a “round” and the last round it the most spiritual moment of my day when I go to her class. You just lie there drenched in sweat after working so hard, and Eliza tells you to “let that shit go” and in that moment nothing matters. All of my stress is gone during that class, even on days when the dog pooped in my car or I had a crazy day at work, all that I am focused on is myself in that moment.

Eliza also teaches other boxing classes at EBF in the Seaport in Boston. I had always wanted to take a class there, but the cost was out of my price range. But with the classpass I could afford to go, and it was awesome!! I took the BAGSxBEATS class, which is a heavy bag class. You wrap your hands and wear boxing gloves and follow the the instructor who calls out different combinations of punches. I had so much fun, even though I didn’t always know what I was doing. I liked the class so much that I bought a class pass! There was a deal on Guilt City for 45% off! It’s currently sold out, but you can add yourself to the wait list (that’s how good this deal is!).

More to come on group fitness!