Set backs…

I wanted to write a little bit about set backs. I’ve had some lately and have been really trying hard to not to spin my wheels over my mistakes or challenges. As a social worker it’s my job to find the strengths in others and highlight those instead of their challenges. So why is it so hard to do it for myself? I have clients who are behind academically, socially and developmentally, but I still have a huge place in my heart for all of them. Even the kids who are sometimes dangerous to be around I think about, even after they leave from my agency. 

It’s so important to put yourself first and lift yourself up. It’s a skill that is easier said than done. So when it comes to criticism, unprofessional behavior by others, or what ever other challengers you face, take a minute to recognize your strengths. Don’t let the comments of others get you down, step back and find out what you can learn from it. It may be hard, but sometimes we need to humble ourselves and ask ourselves those tough questions. Is what they are saying true or somewhat true? Can we make improvements in certain areas? What areas are we strong in?  What kind of steps do we need to take to make improvements? If I were an outsider looking in, how would I see this situation? 

It’s hard to question ourselves, but it’s better than allowing criticism to knock us down. Instead take criticism constructively, even if it didn’t feel constructive when we heard it. Often people say things in a way that they didn’t mean or didn’t realize how their tone came off. The best way I deal with tough situations is talking it out with a friend. And ask what their opinion is. A true friend will support you with honesty and a strength based perspective. You wouldn’t want someone who feels like they need to lie to you, as to not upset you.
We also need to face the fact that in order to make improvements we need to do things out of our comfort zone, try things we’ve never done and work hard at it. Trust in yourself and you can do great things!