Sunny Saturday 

Today was crazy warm for February! Although global warming is very real, it was nice to enjoy the sunshine. Today Toby and I went to Singing Beach in the north shore. The beach got its name from the sand that “sings” when you walk on it. It sounds like track pants swishing together or squeaky boots, but Squeaky Boots Beach doesn’t sound as good as Singing Beach. Toby has never seen the ocean and I was so excited to bring him; the beach is my favorite place, thus my pet should also have the same level of enthusiasm for it. Luckily there were tons of people there with their dogs. There was a meet up group of pet owners and their dogs and locals with their dogs visiting the beach. Toby loved running around and playing with all of the dogs. There must have been between 40 and 60 dogs at the beach! We ran and played for a few hours and then he finally let me sit and read on my beach blanket and laid down next to me. I wish I could bring him to the beach year round! Hopefully there will be more good weather days before the regular beach season starts so we can run and play some more. Toby is very tired today and is  out cold tonight!


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