Group Fitness Class

Recently I signed up for classpass, it’s an app that allows you to sign up for a variety of group fitness classes in a huge number of gyms! I was so excited about this because when I signed up it was 70% off! I paid $37 for 10 classes for one month! That means each class was only $3.70!!! This was a great deal! You can cancel at any time, and the rate without discount is still pretty affordable. The regular cost for 10 classes/ month is $120. So far I’ve taken Glow Yoga, which is a super fun yoga class. If you’re looking to smile and laugh more than you’re looking to be a serious yogi, this is for you! I also took BAGSxBEATS, which I’ll talk about more below.

I’ve been taking a group fitness class in Boston called Kick it by Eliza. This class is AMAZING! It is so inspiring and a great workout! It includes kickboxing, dance, toning and conditioning, and more. Each song is called a “round” and the last round it the most spiritual moment of my day when I go to her class. You just lie there drenched in sweat after working so hard, and Eliza tells you to “let that shit go” and in that moment nothing matters. All of my stress is gone during that class, even on days when the dog pooped in my car or I had a crazy day at work, all that I am focused on is myself in that moment.

Eliza also teaches other boxing classes at EBF in the Seaport in Boston. I had always wanted to take a class there, but the cost was out of my price range. But with the classpass I could afford to go, and it was awesome!! I took the BAGSxBEATS class, which is a heavy bag class. You wrap your hands and wear boxing gloves and follow the the instructor who calls out different combinations of punches. I had so much fun, even though I didn’t always know what I was doing. I liked the class so much that I bought a class pass! There was a deal on Guilt City for 45% off! It’s currently sold out, but you can add yourself to the wait list (that’s how good this deal is!).

More to come on group fitness!


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