“Everyone wants to get rich writing a blog…”

These are the words of my first supervisor in my first “real” job, surprisingly pessimistic for a social worker. Recently I’ve begun to allow myself to do the things I really want to do; giving myself permission to do the things others say can’t or shouldn’t be done. One of those things is writing a blog. I’ve heard people bash blogs and their authors, and I’ve also had my own internal thoughts “who will read this? what will others say about my writing?”. But something about today pushed me to start this blog… again. I started this blog a while back, and deleted everything on it because I was afraid of who might find it and judge my writing.

I hope that this will be a place where I can document the goals I set, achievements I make, and even failures I have. I’ve been inspired by so many wonderful women in the past few years, and hope to continue to be inspired, and even inspire someone as well!




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