A letter to a broken heart

As we are approaching Valentines Day, I am thinking about love; love come, love gone, love found and love lost. About two years ago on Valentines Day my boyfriend at the time told me he had been cheating on me. I was devastated. He and I had been together for two and a half years, I loved him, wanted to marry him, and start a family with him. I could delve into the months of heart ache and tears, but what I want my readers to take from this post is the strength I found after experiencing this loss.

I found that I was strong enough to be on my own, try new things, and start to see myself as a capable, strong, and talented woman. I made a lot of changes after my breakup; I moved to Boston, took a new job, bought a new car, made new friends, and started new hobbies. I am still trying new things, even two years later. I am constantly growing and starting new chapters in my life. It wasn’t an easy change, and it didn’t happen over night. But now, I can look back and say “THANK GOD” because I am stronger, more accomplished, and have taken more risks because of that breakup.

I encourage anyone in need of change, whether it be due to a breakup, loss of a job, family member, or otherwise to go out and see what you are capable of, because I’m sure you can accomplish more than you’ve ever imagined.


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